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Hypoglycemia causes


Hypoglycemia causes are different amongst particular age ranges. This page mentions some possible ones in different age groups, but it is not a comprehensive list.


In newborns, hypoglycemia is often caused by maternal hyperglycemia (i.e. high blood sugar levels in the mother). Where this is not the cause, it is often due to multiple factors, may be passing, and may be easily treated. Congenital hyperinsulinism, glycogen storage disease, and sepsis are some other possible reasons.

Young children

In kids of a young age, fasting and gastroenteritis are common causes of hypoglycemic episodes. If the issue is recurring, however, it usually means that there is some inborn metabolism error. As mentioned in relation to infants, congenital hyperinsulinism is one such possibility. If the child is a type 1 diabetic, insulin injected for this condition may also cause hypoglycemia.

Young adults

Continuing from the final point mentioned for young children, insulin injections for those with type 1 diabetes is frequently the underlying cause for hypoglycemia in young adults. Addison's disease is another potential cause. This is an endocrine disorder, and in it the patient's adrenal glands do not produce sufficient levels of glucocorticoids, and frequently mineralocorticoids as well.

Older adults

In people of this age, it is more common for hypoglycemia to be brought on by interactions of particular medications. Frequently this includes insulin for diabetic patients, as well as orally-ingested hypoglycemic agents. It is also possible for some tumors to produce insulin, and such a case may also lead to low blood sugar.

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